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Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Pokemon Flora Sky Walkthrough

Gym 1==> Mystic Town==>Small Town==>Platepics City==>Platepics Research Center==>Beat team Magma==>Exchange the B-Ticket for the Mach Bike==>Find the gym leader near Route F==>Route H==>Route I==>Teaes City==>Rival Battle==>Route J==>Turzoro City==>Battle with Team Aqua (2 times) nad Wally==>
Gym 3==>Obtain the Pokeblock in ahouse==>Safari Zone (get HM4 in a house there)==>Route P==>habutest Town==>Talk to Mr April==>Searound City==>Beat Aqua Admin + Get 4th badge==>Searound Underground==>Charpo s City==>Charpos Harbor==>magmar Building==>Platepics Research Center (top)==>Forest Entrance==>Polar Forest==>ODeep Forest==>Torn World + capture Shaymin==>Malias City==>Gym 5==>Route R, S==>Charpos Island==>Festa Zone (if you want to visit)==>Route
AB== >Rival Battle==>Charpos Island==>Golden City==>Honey Village==>Obtain Secret Potion==>Route AB==>Pulhia City==>Hotasita City==>Gym 6==>Pokemon Contest==>Get the 6th badge==>Obtain TEA nad HM2 in a house in Pulhia==>ocepac Town==>Exchange for the Scope==>TEaes City==>Gym 7==>Dark Cave (find HM8)==>Route F==>Meteor Falls==>Aragi\'s Lab==>Puel CityMuseum==>Aqua Hideout==>Route U==>Underwater==>Sea floor Cavern==> Route G==>Surence Town==>Gym 8==>Find Hm 7 in Water Cave (Route E)==>Route L==>Victory Road==>Pokemon League.

Challenge Island==>Gloomist Forest==>Find Red Shard(Hippowdon Temple), Blue Shard (Malias Library), Yellow Shard (the house in Platepics
City, where you meet Caitlin)==>mt Fullmoon==>Peak==>La tias/latios==>Gloomi st Forest==>Gima\'s Rest House==>Q Area==>Mission 1==>

Mission 1==>Honey Village obtain the app. in the warehose==>use it in the Gloomist Forest==>Find the girls==>Return Challenge Factory==>
Mission 2==>Steven: cave in Route J==>Golden City==>Vs Sky, obtain the app.==>Awake Snorlax==>Hole Woods==>Unlock the hidden house (there are four green stone: bottomright, top left, top right, bottom left)==>Malias Library==>Read the middle book==>Mt Fiery==>Magma Hideout==>Festazone, talk to the guard man==>Silver Town==>Aqua Town==>Under water==>Vs Archie==>Sky Pillar (Route AG)==>Awake Rayquaza==>Aqua Town, obtain HM 5==>Rebattle Elite Four==>Golden City
Prepare: Pokemon know Flash, Rocksmash, Dig, Wailord, Relicanth.
==>Hole Woods==>Route AE==>Froster Town==>Mt blizzard, Route AF==>Ancient Ruins==>Unlock 3 cave in the Ancient Ruins (use Flash middle,run aorund clockwise, right down se Rock smash like Emerlad)==>Find trio beast: Entei Route K, Suicne Route U, Raikou Altering Cave
(Route AB)==>Return the Ruins==>The top middle cave==>Use Dig==>Relicanth as Lead, Wailord as Rear==>Obtain Unown Note on the
wall==>Exit==>C atch Ho-oh in the secret cave at the top left (if want)==>Route Y==>Artisan Hill==>Catch Mew

Catch Groudon (A path), Kyogre (Route R) (you can catch it after the war between them in Aqua Town) Catch Giratina (Torn World, you can enter it form Deep Forest (Polar Forest))
Catch Dialga (Mt.Fullmoon)

R Area==>L path==>L Area==>Obtain Gemstone form Steven (you can obtain it after Aqua Town event) A Path ==>Area==>Cave Of origin==>Unlock the quiz==>Catch Arceus

Finish 8 quests (you can do them after you visit Q Area)
1. Ocepac Town
2. Honey Village
3. A house in Malias
4. Route Z (find the coral in underwater Route AC)
5. A house in L Area
6. Cave in Route D
7. Desert Underpass Route K
8. Route B (Ninja Trio Cave in Route B==>Cave in Teaes City==> Cave in Route Q)
==>Exchange the point for 4 tickets
Outcast Island: Johto Starter, lapras, leafeon and Keldeo. Navel Rock: Lugia
Birth Island: Deoxys
Abandoned Island: Mewtwo (after Groudon/Kyogre/Rayqu aza event)

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27 komentar:

Yugioh LOvers mengatakan...

aq bingung saat di rute u...aq gk bsa nemuin seaflor cavern

Roenders mengatakan...

@yugioh LOvers nih gan vid nya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfKlC9-zr4s buat ke seafloor cavern

Ronnie Ronnie mengatakan...

Where is the pokemon contest? :c

RoxZayn Malik mengatakan...

where do you get FLASH from???

odd stern mengatakan...

pokemon contest = Pulhia City
Flash = from man in the platepics city in east gate

Steven Luther mengatakan...

How do you get past the guys blocking the section of the Safari zone?

Alex Cortes mengatakan...

Where are you right now I can help you

Lau Yi Ping mengatakan...

Where can get the HM 05 Rock Climb??

philosoph of phoenix mengatakan...

point quest gw kurang 10 yar dapat abandon island ticket. tapi dah mutar2 g dapat2. quest mana yang kurang e??

Muhammad Syakir mengatakan...

i cannot find dark cave. where is it exactly

Michael Galbraith mengatakan...

for all those who are confused with the three caves for entei, raikou and suicune go left left down down not right down

Michael Galbraith mengatakan...

for those who are confused about the three caves go left left down down not right down.

Richard Igot mengatakan...

I cant enter the ROUTE H :(

DimitrijIvanowitsch mengatakan...

i'm stuck on searound city because i dont have a pokemon for air cutter :( what can i do?

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Samip Koirala mengatakan...

where is the forest entrance

Jonelle Clarete mengatakan...

Forest entrance close in pokemon center you will see a entrance in two trees

Pascal Hagemann mengatakan...

I landing at Pule city I couldn't catch Shaymin so I saved and what can I do now??

Solf Kimblee mengatakan...

I can't get past Route AB. I have to use Rock Climb but Rock Climb is in Aqua Town. PLEASE HELP!!!

Lucas Auferkamp mengatakan...

searound city Go left use surf straight to the end and then Go up and there is route ab

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